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Nside Management


Calvin Nowell, founder and CEO of Nside Entertainment, sums up the company’s philosophy toward management well: “When I was growing up, I always said I wanted to be an architect, even though I wasn’t really sure what that meant. Now, I believe the people in our company are architects in the music and entertainment industry.” Nside builds careers through a multifaceted skill set that incorporates two mindsets: business and creativity.

Nside Management was established in 2007 as the foundation of Nside Entertainment, beginning with artist management of Hip-Hop/Pop phenomenon B.Reith as well as multiple Grammy nominated band, GUNGOR.  Nowell fully managed Gungor during the years of their music career breakout with their Grammy nominated projects, Beautiful Things and Ghosts upon the Earth.

“Calvin Nowell is one of the most passionate and dedicated people that I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with.  Yes, he’s talented, but he also puts his whole heart into his work, and that seems to be a rarity these days.” -Michael Gungor

Currently, Nside Management has also partnered with worldwide Speaker/Comedian, John Gray and his company John Gray Innertainment (JGI) to provide day to day operation leadership for JGI.  There are plenty of good managers available who understand business. It is rare to find a management company with expertise in business and firsthand knowledge of the creative thinking of the artist. Nowell, a current artist with a degree in management, is that rare creative intellectual. He’s managed diverse artists to national and international recognition, navigating the industry while nurturing the relationship. The fact that he thinks of his clients as family speaks to his attention to every detail in an artist’s career.



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