Releasing potential from the Nside.
Justyn Joy
Justyn Joy



Born and raised in Ohio, Joy comes from a meager up bringing. Raised by the strength and prayer of a single mother, to be well behaved was the standard, not the goal. Throughout the journey of her life, she’s traveled many avenues in the entertainment arena. Initially, she went to school to be a news anchor. She soon found out that her bleeding heart couldn’t endure many of the traumatic scenarios associated with reporting hard core news. From there, radio lended it’s self to be a bit more attractive, and that’s where she began to flourish. Her first radio job was an internship with the number one radio station in Cincinnati, WIZF 100.9 the WIZ (Now 101.1). After interning for only a few months, she received a job offer to work full time for the station. That allowed her to learn the ends and outs of the radio business and positioned her to begin to move up in the ranks. From intern, to Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotion, an opportunity finally opened up for Joy to be an on-air personality. Up for the challenge, Joy didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to get behind the microphone…..That was only the beginning!

Uncertain about her gift and vacillating about what the next phase in her life would bring, Joy decided to step out on CRAZY FAITH and move to Atlanta, GA. With no job, no place to live and only $375 to her name, many of her close friends and family members were certain that she had lost it. All Joy was thinking about was trusting that God was who He said He was, and praying he would come through. BINGO….HE DID! Once in Atlanta, Joy was offered a job at the number one radio station in the southeast, WVEE the People’s Station, V103. This positioned her to learn more about the field, hone her craft, and network with many of the industry’s major players. Next stop on her journey was Columbus, GA. She was offered a position as the midday announcer for the city’s number one flagship station WFXE, Foxie 105. This experience tested her strength, ability, and determination. Driving an hour and a half, one way to work, six days a week made her fight the naysayer’s, her own uncertainty, and those who really didn’t care about her success. It worked…She became the number one radio personality in the city!

In addition to working in radio, Joy began to meet many people in the modeling industry. This also piqued her interest, and the more she became involved with print work, and runway shows, she began to find a love for this craft as well. She’s modeled for Atlanta International Fashion Week two years in a row, the Bronner Brothers Mega Runway Shows as a five year participant, and several other runway shows throughout the country. Most recently, she was featured in the April 2009 edition of an Upscale Magazine article regarding “Pretty Women.” That opened the door to other opportunities in movies, as she’s been featured in two of Tyler Perry’s films, not to mention, theater, television and so much more…

Believe that the sky is the limit. Joy has continued to move through life with the finesse of a gazelle and the determination and strength of a Lion…

In her own words… “Live your dreams….I dare YOU!