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I'm Done Drowning
I’m Done Drowning

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There is no victory without struggle. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we all struggle. We have our good intentions and secret addictions and we know that every now and then we’re lost and in need of rescue.

Sometimes, though, a man’s struggles are on display for the world to see. They can be rationalized, or explained away, but they cannot be hidden. Imagine: the ones you love see it all – all your failures and weaknesses – right there, on display. But maybe, if we’re honest with ourselves, that’s a good thing.

Let’s get more specific. Imagine this: you struggle with your weight, and the accompanying emotional issues. You achieve dramatic weight loss and chronicle the journey in a widely acclaimed book. Then, even as your story motivates others, you experience a series of personal and professional/career setbacks – tragedies, even – and you become like 95 percent of the people who lose weight. You gain it ALL back.

Multi-talented singer/songwriter/author/artist manager and now filmmaker, Calvin Nowell knows struggle and victory. His book, Start Somewhere, chronicled his loss of over 200 pounds and his passion to unlock the potential he sees in others. But through his own series of traumatic events, he found himself in a deep emotional valley. The weight was back, and new emotional wounds came with it. It was in the depth of that valley that Nowell declared, “I’m done drowning.”

Here’s the thing about Calvin Nowell. He has a tremendous heart for other people, and he sees potential no one else can find. So maybe it’s not surprising that from that valley he also decided to put himself on display, chronicle his journey, and put it all out there. He realized that he’s not the only one struggling, so he knew that if he’s completely vulnerable and honest, his story could inspire emotional transformation, physical restoration, and career determination in so many others.

I’m Done Drowning is the compelling documentary that tells Nowell’s story and tackles practical application to true emotional and physical transformation. It’s a tale that will resonate with anyone who has known struggle and defeat and who has longed to see light in dark places. It’s candid therapy, intense emotion, and shining victory.