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I know who you are. You like music, but you’re getting a bit weary. There’s so much music out there, but it seems like everybody is chasing the same sound, the same spot on the radio. In fact, you’ve complained before about radio. It’s formulaic. Homogenized. Lacking imagination. It’s almost like the music industry has created all these little boxes, and all the artists are trying to shape themselves to fit into one.

It’s time for you to meet B. Reith (pronounced RYE-TH). He’s a breath of fresh air in a room that’s gotten a little stale. He sings, raps, writes, plays, and his music defies genre. Now, usually that’s a recipe for disjointed mediocrity, but there’s nothing usual about Reith. He could stand alone as a vocalist or a rapper. He could make straight-up hip hop or silky-smooth pop with equal acumen. He could fit into one of those industry “boxes”, but he would be selling himself – and his fans – short.

“I don’t have a niche,” Reith says. “Stylistically, I just want to make good music that connects with people. That’s my standard. My goal is to be as authentic to the way God wired me as possible, and not let some identity or stamp keep me from being myself. I sing and rap and love great chords and great stories.”

B.Reith brings a freshness to an industry that’s gotten a little predictable. His music defies a neat label from an artist who long ago broke down any walls of expectation built around him by an industry that didn’t quite know what to make of his many talents. His silky-smooth pop vocals complement his effortless rhymes in songs that are somehow accessible to the masses. “I do music because it burns in me,” Reith declares. “There’s something in me that is wired in such a way that I must do it.” In 2011 B.Reith released sophomore album, “How the Story Ends” featuring vast versatility in collaborations with artists including hip-hop phenomenon Lecrae, Grammy™-nominated songwriter Lisa Gungor, indie-pop sensation Dave Barnes, and PJ Morton, an R&B star from Maroon 5.


  • His current album How The Story Ends debuted at #4 on iTunes in November, 2011 and #25 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart.
  • Previous release Now Is Not Forever charted #2 on R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and #32 on Heatseekers chart.
  • 2-time Dove Award Nominee
  • Featured on Winter Wonder Slam Tour, Creation Festival Tour, and The Misfit Tour
  • Released two full-length albums, Now Is Not Forever, and How The Story Ends, as well as an EP, The Forecast
  • Many songs from Now Is Not Forever and How The Story Ends can be heard in multiple national retail/food outlets including, American Eagle, H&M, Journeys, Panera Bread, & Chik Fil-A