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Nside Entertainment is a full service entertainment company located in the heart of Franklin, TN (a progressive suburb of Nashville).  Nside offers expertise and excellence in Marketing, Management, Touring, and Record Label services.  With over 12 years of professional music industry experience, Calvin Nowell (Founder/CEO) established Nside Entertainment to be a leader of music and cultural diversity, strategic marketing, and artist maximization in the music and entertainment industries.  Nside recognizes that emerging and established artists have diverse needs, so we are uniquely positioned to provide services that maximize a client’s potential for success.  We are a marketing firm. We are a full service record label. We manage artists. We book tours.  Whatever the need, we know how to come alongside your vision and provide exemplary leadership and teamwork to fulfill your vision.  At Nside, we don’t apologize for being multifaceted and diverse because it’s our niche.

Our approach at Nside is different from most entertainment companies. We realize that there is an extraordinary level of trust involved when an artist places their confidence in an entertainment company.  Fortunately, Nowell knows the vulnerability and anxiety an artist faces while navigating because he is an artist, author, speaker, and business entrepreneur himself.  With a dual bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management, Nowell knows the power of effective marketing and management because he has used it to propel artists to Grammy-level success.  However, he brings more than what he learned in school when nurturing a client’s career.  Nowell’s fresh perspective promises to challenge cultural barriers, definitions of genre, and conventional wisdom in music marketing and management. He’s a current artist himself, so he understands artists. He’s willing to take risks because he knows they’re still necessary.  He sees the potential in others, and he’ll stop at nothing until the world sees it too.

“Calvin Nowell is one of the most passionate and dedicated people that I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with.  Yes, he’s talented, but he also puts his whole heart into his work, and that seems to be a rarity these days.”

– Michael Gungor, Multiple Grammy Nominee

At Nside, we partner with our clients to maximize their potential, and our creative thinkers have a track record of excellence. We’re also founded on a solid moral bedrock, and we strive to keep integrity as a flagship for our company.

Welcome to the Nside, where potential is discovered, artistry is nurtured, and dreams are realized.



calvinCalvin Nowell is one of those unique and rare individuals who needs a lot of commas behind his name. We could write Calvin Nowell, founder and CEO of Nside Entertainment. Or Calvin Nowell, vocalist and recording artist. Or Calvin Nowell, business manager. Or how about them all? Calvin Nowell, business owner, artist, author, manager, promoter, video director, strategist, director of marketing, A&R executive, booking agent, and the list goes on.

This extraordinary skill set has positioned Nowell to be an ideal champion of artists. He understands the motivations of the musician, because he is an accomplished singer, songwriter, session musician, and worship leader. He knows how to tell a story, because he’s told his own in an autobiography published by Tyndale. He’s always had a penchant for promotion, so he acquired dual degrees in management and marketing, and has developed experience with multiple artists designing everything from album covers to music videos. But even amidst his long list of experiences and accolades, Nowell has a refreshing focus that is outward, not inward. He has a natural ability to spot the potential in others and transform it into reality.

“I was a late bloomer,” Nowell shares. “I remember being the last one picked for the playground basketball game. I remember those feelings: ‘Somebody pick me. Will somebody show me the way?’ I believe I went through those things to be able to show the way to others. It’s a spiritual calling.” Nowell also has a unique appreciation for diversity. He hears the voices of artists that might not fit into a prepackaged mold, and he knows – before anyone else – that those are the very voices that will stand out in a world so noisy that people have grown tired of the status quo.

With these attributes, Nowell has created Nside, a full service entertainment company based in Franklin, Tennessee, a music epicenter near Nashville. He’s managed artists to multiple Grammy nominations, and launched careers from the ground up. With over a decade of experience in Nashville, Nowell has developed personal experience with just about every aspect of artist management and label services, and his breadth is a valuable asset.

“Calvin Nowell has a remarkable instinct to aid others in releasing their potential by helping cast vision and foresight that they may not be able to see for or in themselves. He carries the passion and courage to dream big as well as the determination and humility to work diligently and take small rigorous steps.”

– B.Reith

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