Releasing potential from the Nside.

Nside Entertainment Launches Made For More Campaign

Oct 11, 2012

The Made For More Campaign, established in Fall of 2012 from B.Reith and Calvin Nowell (Nside Entertainment), is a web-based social media outlet dedicated to building community, service, and diversity in multiple audience demographics. will provide a place for B.Reith and fans to interact and share their hearts as it relates to the concept of being “Made for More.” The song “Made for More” (featuring Lecrae and Gungor) is an anthem on his current album that cries that humanity was made for more than what it is living up to.  It’s a chant for individual value and potential.  This site is a place to teach and champion God’s worth and value for individuals and encourage people to pursue big dreams!  It’s a place to serve others through words and generosity and to celebrate diversity.

“Deep inside there’s something that is restless, because we were created for more.  We were created to have life, and life abundantly.  We were created to have joy, to have peace, and to serve one another.  God put eternity in our hearts.  We were made for more.” – B.Reith

In the past, B.Reith has been privileged with many opportunities to participate on large-scale national tours which provide an outlet to many people. However, they often limit the personal connection and his abilities as a communicator.  Because of tour guidelines and time constraints, he hasn’t had a chance to share ALL of who is.  Therefore, he’s excited for a new outlet, in conjunction with a new tour, to call people out from a mediocre definition of themselves.  To challenge those who have been boxed in by limited definitions of life and God.